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2015 Super Homes Pilot Scheme

What is the 2015 Super Homes Scheme?TEA_Superhomesv2

Tipperary Energy Agency is launching a pilot funding project that aims to deliver a deep retrofit for homes funded with a repayable loan and significant capital discounts. The project aims to move away from shallow retrofit and test applications of whole house retrofit focusing on cost effective solutions. This type of retrofit is designed to significantly decrease Ireland’s carbon emissions from the domestic sector and is critical to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Why should homeowners take part?

  • Up to 40% financial support available, depending on the measures
  • 30% discount from SEAI Better Energy Finance
  • 7% – 10% support from Electric Ireland
  • Home Renovation Incentive available depending on individual circumstances
  • Spread the remaining cost of the retrofit over 5 years with a discounted loan using energy credits from Electric Ireland
  • Bring your home to an A3 or as near as is economically possible
  • A warm house, with healthy interior air (through excellent ventilation)
  • Reduced colds, flues and respiratory illnesses
  • A green, low carbon home that will be substantially cheaper to heat (aiming for 50% – 70% reduction in energy bills)

What are the eligible works?

  • Cavity wall, attic, flat roof and external wall insulation
  • Windows or energy saving glazing replacement
  • Renewable Heating (air source heat pump or pellet boiler)
  • Renewable Stove
  • Advanced ventilation (heat recovery or demand controlled ventilation)
  • Air Tightness
  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems

How much will the works cost?

  • Bespoke energy solution for your home (based on size and measures apply)
  • Minimum cost after grant of €7,500 up to €30,000
  • The estimated simple payback of the works after the discounts have been applied will be in the region of 7-10 years
  • All homeowners eligible will repay for the works over a period of up to 5 years

Why are the Supporting Organisations taking part?

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

A pilot project under the SEAI Better Energy Finance to ascertain models of delivery of deep retrofit

Electric Ireland

To gather experiences of sustainable heating solutions in Ireland


To test innovative delivery models of financing for deep retrofit

 Process of Project for Homeowners

  • Technical Assessment – €200 fee (refundable if you take part)
  • Technical and financial (quote) proposal
  • Approval from bank*
  • Works and certification
  • Draw down of finance

How to Apply?

If you wish to apply for the 2015 Super Homes Project please complete the online application form here

More Details?

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Call – (052) 7443090