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 Underfloor pack for screed floor

This is the most common system installed in new builds. This system radiates a steady flow of heat throughout the entire building at a controllable rate. Works extremely well in conjunction with renewable technologies, especially heat pumps. The

Under Floor Heating

Under Floor Heating

UFH kit contains:

  • Joule stainless steel manifold
  • Joule stainless steel mixing set (for use if in conjunction with a boiler)
  • Joule Pert/Al/Pert Aluminium barrier pipe
  • Joule underfloor fittings
  • Joule underfloor edge insulation
  • Rapid fixing rail
  • UFH pipe clips
  • Zone valves
  • Touchscreen stats
  • UFH wiring centre
  • UFH actuator
  • Circulating pump

Riva Aluminium Radiators

The performance of the RIVA radiator perfectly combines with modern heating systems and is an effective response to the need for reduction of energy costs.



  • RIVA Horizontal and Vertical Advantages
  • Reduced water content 38% less than steel radiators
  • 30% more output than steel radiators
  • Better resistance to corrosion
  • Rapid and effective heat up time
  • Low temperature water (45°C)
  • Lightweight and robust
  • Excellent heat conductivity
  • Available in modular sections
  • Suitable for low and high temperature heating systems including boilers
  • Ideal for use with Heat Pumps
  • 15 years warranty
  • Standard colour RAL 9010

Download the Riva brochure for details of Riva Vertical and Riva Horizontal aluminium radiators

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