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Cyclone Cylinders

Responding rapidly to changing market expectations we have launched the Joule Cyclone vented and un-vented stainless steel
cylinders. All of our cylinders are now formed from Duplex 2304 stainless steel, continuing our philosophy of only using the finest materials. We are so confident in our construction that we offer a lifetime guarantee* on the complete Cyclone range.

Peerless – Performance from our vented, un-vented and thermal stores. They have been developed to maximize the benefits of free solar energy and proven environmentally friendly alternative sources.
*Contact Joule for guarantee details

Priceless – Is the confidence that comes from dealing with the UK & Ireland’s premier supplier of cylinders to the merchant trade, understanding the needs of the merchant and his customer, providing a 25 year guarantee and investing in product, people and promotion.

  • Duplex stainless steel for ultimate peace of mind
  • 25 year guarantee on stainless steel
  • High flow rate controls – ideal for multiple bathrooms and powerful showers
  • Fast reheat and high insulation values resulting in high efficiency
  • A complete package – just add pipe work
  • Direct, Indirect, Twin & Triple Coil Models
  • Sizes 150-1000 litres
  • Solar & Multi-fuel models available

Quality inside and out

Duplex 2304

There’s stainless steel and there’s stainless steel! Here at Joule we use superior Duplex 2304, unlike some cylinder manufacturers who use inferior Duplex 2101. The properties of any stainless grade are defined not only by its alloy content but also by the way it is produced. Austenitic stainless steel 316L is often used in water tanks. This grade offers limited strength properties, so needs to be thick enough to handle the internal pressure.

Our Cylinders

Our Duplex 2304 vented and un-vented Cyclone stainless cylinders offer optimized composition alloy elements that have created a stronger and corrosion resistant product that out performs not only other stainless steels but other solutions too.

Cylinder Body & Ends

Duplex 2304 stainless steel, domed ends are precision manufactured and welded to the body, producing a strong and reliable vessel.

Outer Casing

Sleek grey steel with laminated coated finish and corrosion resistant base. Wipe clean surface.

Download information on the Cyclone range of cylinders from the list of PDFs below:

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