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Heat Pump Installation. A heat pump can be the best way for a new build to meet the requirements of Part L while producing the most efficient eco-friendly home.

Client: Stephen Hastings

October 24, 2017

New Build - Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump System

  • Underfloor Heating
  • New Build - Heat Pump
    Heat Pump
  • Heat Pump

Project Description

  • 160 sq.m – Ground Floor
  • 122 sq.m – First Floor
  • 4 Bedrooms

Works Included

  • Underfloor Heating (UFH)
  • Aluminium Radiator System
  • Demand Control Ventilation

Installing an air source heat pump can be the best way to produce the most efficient eco-friendly home.

Heat pumps create up to four times as much energy than they consume. That energy is then used to heat the home and also produce hot water.

How They Operate

An air source heat pump sources energy from extracting the outdoor air in order to provide heating and hot water for your home throughout the entire year.

Benefits of this system

  • It heats your house using 50% less energy than a condensing boiler.
  • It will be a big factor in helping you meet the requirements of Part L in the building regulations.
  • It enchanses your homes BER rating.
  • It consumes no oil or gas.
  • It works very well with today’s heating systems containing underfloor heating and low temperature aluminium rads.
  • This system provided more than enough energy to meet the hot water demand.
  • Produces 100% of your homes heating and hot water demand.


No matter what design or size building you have Sola Energy Solutions will have a system to meet your needs. Our systems range from 5 kW upwards and meet all the requirements (heating, cooling, hot water)  of our customers. After our quick installation the power is in the customers hands as the system includes controls which allows the customer to adapt the system in accordance to their own needs.

What do you need to do?

If you are interested just call (0504 58750) or email ( us with a floor area for the house in order to get a budget price. We will provide you with an approximate price for the installation. It will always be close to an actual figure.


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