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What We Do SOLA supply and install Energy Solution Systems

  • Solar

    This system can save up to 80% of your water heating costs, with the only electrical power consumption being the small compressor motor (equivalent to that on a domestic fridge). Save Money and the Environment.

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  • Solar PV System

    Solar PV manufactures electricity from light and it is clean green and silent. The main advantage is that the electricity is maintenance free, for your home or business and all that is needed is daylight not sunlight.

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  • Thermodynamic

    The Energie Thermodynamic Solar Panel System overcomes the Irish problem of limited access to sunshine by sourcing heat through solar heat, rainwater and wind convection.

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  • Heat Pumps

    Air source heat pumps are meticulously designed, precision Engineered and expertly Built. When leading brands like Samsung and Joule combine the results are clear to be seen.Grants Available from April 2018

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  • Cylinders

    Unrivalled performance from our vented, un-vented and thermal stores. The stainless steel cylinders have been developed to maximize the benefits of free solar energy and proven environmentally friendly alternative sources.

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  • Alu Rads & Underfloor Heating

    The performance of the RIVA radiator perfectly combines with modern heating systems and is an effective response to the need for reduction of energy costs.

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Ireland's Largest Photovoltaic Project to date With panels fitted on 9 local authority buildings in Tipperary

Ireland’s Largest PV Panel Project Sola was the main contractor on the Supply & Installation of Ireland’s Largest PV Panel Project on 9 public buildings in Tipperary