Retrofit Works

Sola is a supplier & installer of renewable energy systems & upgrade measures to the Retrofit Market.

We have completed Energy Upgrade Retrofit measures to 500+ homes across Ireland.

What is a Retrofit?

A whole house energy retrofit involves carrying out a number of energy upgrade measure to improve the energy rating of your home giving a warmer, more comfortable, energy efficient home with a BER rating of between B2 and A1. In turn reducing the annual heating costs.

Why Should Homeowners Take Part?


  • Grants available.
  • Bring your home to a B2 BER or higher
  • Implement all cost effective retrofit measures in one package
  • A warm house, with healthy interior air (through excellent ventilation)
  • Reduced colds, flus and respiratory illnesses
  • A green, low carbon home that will be substantially cheaper to heat (aiming for 50% – 70% reduction in energy bills)

Eligible Works:

  • Air to Water Heat Pump
  • Solar PV Panels
  • DCV – Demand Control Ventilation system
  • Cavity Wall Insulation
  • External Wall Insulation
  • Internal Wall Insulation
  • Window & Doors upgrades*
  • Lighting to LEDs
  • Airtightness Measures

* Subject to terms & conditions

Electric Ireland Superhomes

Electric Ireland Superhomes is an SEAI registered One Stop Shop for home energy retrofit.

Sola is one of the main contractors carrying out works under the Electric Ireland Superhomes scheme with several of our works being showcased at the SEAI conference. We have been recognized for our expertise in the area and delivering projects in an efficient and timely manner. To date we have completed 300+ upgrades through the retrofit scheme.

Electric Ireland Superhomes look after all the key stages of a home retrofit, offering independent advice and expertise; designing the retrofit, engaging, and supervising high quality contractors and management of SEAI grant funding.

Electric Ireland Superhomes aim to provide homeowners with peace of mind, quality assurance, and, when the retrofit is complete, the best home possible. They focus on a whole house fossil fuel free approach with heat pump led retrofits; bringing homes to a minimum of a “B2” BER energy rating by combining a number of energy upgrade measures. This ensures the retrofitted home is consistently and effortlessly warm and comfortable with lower heating bills and reduced carbon emissions.

What is an Electric Ireland Superhomes Retrofit?

A whole house energy retrofit involves carrying out a number of energy upgrade measures in one installation to achieve a warmer, more comfortable, energy efficient home resulting in a BER rating of between B2 and A1. Electric Ireland Superhomes’ retrofit philosophy is based on the view that a home is an interrelated and interdependent energy system. An Electric Ireland Superhomes home energy upgrade looks at the overall effect of a combination of energy measures, which are designed in such a way that they work together successfully. The retrofit is done once, and it is done right and starts with a rigorous assessment of your home’s current energy performance. Once this is established, they can begin the process of designing your Superhome based on the following interrelated factors:

  • Renewable energy heat pump and heating system design
  • Insulation
  • Airtightness
  • Ventilation
  • Solar panels

To start your journey to a warmer, more comfortable home today, visit

Better Energy Communities

Better Energy Communities is a national retrofit initiative ran by SEAI. They support new approaches to achieve energy efficiency in Irish Communities. Upgrades can take place across buildings types to reduce energy use and costs throughout the community. The aim is to deliver energy savings to homeowners and communities.

Examples Of Eligible Measures For Grant Aid

  • Insulation Upgrades
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Renewable Energy
  • Heating Upgrades (heat pumps)
  • Window/door upgrades
  • Ventilation

Sola Have been involved in the Community Scheme since 2015 and if you are involved in a community organisation, local business, Sports club or school and would be interested in getting works done under the scheme call Sola on (0504) 58750.

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