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Heat Pump Grant of up to €3,500

Heat Pump Grant

Great news from the SEAI as they have recently announced the introduction of a grant for heat pump systems. An attractive alternative to fossil fuel heating systems, offering lower costs and reduced carbon emissions.

The grant of  €3,500 for the installation of an air to water heat pump will be open to applicants as soon as the middle of April.

Who Can Apply?

Applies to homes built and occupied before 2011.

All homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2011 can apply.

What is an Air Source Heat Pump

An air source heat pump sources energy from extracting the outdoor air in order to provide heating and hot water for your home throughout the entire year. 

Advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Dramatically lowers fuel bills, especially if you are using conventional electric heating
  • Reduces your carbon footprint: by lowering your home’s carbon emissions, depending on which fuel you are replacing
  • Provides space heating and hot water
  • Little to no maintenance
  • No drilling or disruptive ground work
  • No large plot required
  • Relatively quite
  • Heat pumps are safe. There is no combustion involved

Please follow the link below for more information and if you feel like you are eligible and would like to apply in April.

SEAI Application Process 


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Green Awards 2018

A great night was had by all at the Green Awards 2018.

The first category we were finalists for was ‘The Green Professional Services Award’.

The judging panel for this award recognized our organisation for providing professional services and saw that we have demonstrated our commitment to developing sustainable business practices.

The second category was ‘The Sustainable Energy Achievement Award’ where we were recognized for demonstrating effective sustainable energy initiatives.

Although we didn’t win it was great to be a finalist and being recognized for our energy initiatives.

Congratulations to the Tipperary County Council on winning the ‘Green Public Sector Organisation of the Year’ Award.

Hopefully we will have more luck next year!

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Green Awards 2018

Just one day to go!!

We’re delighted to say that we have reached the finalists panel for The Green Professional Services Award and The Sustainable Energy Achievement Award 2018 alongside companies such as PM Group and Deloitte. These national awards recognize our green practices and solutions for both our own business and our clients.

The Green Awards is celebrating 10 years of recognising and showcasing on a national stage the organisations that are making an extraordinary contribution to a greener future in Ireland.

The winner will be announced tomorrow night and we will let you know how we do.

Click here for more info on the awards. 

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SuperHomes Scheme 2017

SuperHome Grant Scheme for 2017

Another successful year for the Super Homes Scheme. This project is growing every year and our clients are seeing outstanding results. This year alone Sola Energy Solutions were involved in 20 projects under the Super Homes Scheme which was nearly twice as many than 2016. Our works under the scheme have made the homes far more efficient and healthier. After doing a cost analysis on our clients from the years 2016/2017 we found the average saving on heating their homes was €1000 with one client saying “Not only are we saving money on heating but our lives have been changed. It was a fantastic job.”

The interest in the SuperHome scheme has been huge over the past 2 years and because of the scheme is only open for a number of months every year, unfortunately some people missed out this year, but we have received good news in the last week that the scheme is open from January to October in 2018. Already a significant number of enquiries have been made about the 2018 Super Home Scheme.

Super Homes Information (Click Here)

2018 will be the fourth year of the SuperHomes project, we are delighted to announce that we are already processing applications for 2018.

Sola Energy Solutions give homeowners the opportunity to retrofit their house to an A3 Building Energy Rating standard (BER) with up to 50% of the overall cost covered under the scheme.

The average net investment by the homeowner in the pilot project was €18,000.

Homeowners benefit by;

  • financial savings of up to €1500 per annum on energy usage
  • living in a more comfortable healthier house with better air quality

Please contact us today to find out more information.

Tel: 0504 58750



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