Generate electricity by using solar panels, in Ireland. Solar PV manufactures electricity from light and it is clean green and silent. The main advantage is that electricity is maintenance free, for your home or business and that all is needed for this is daylight not sunlight.

The Benefits of have a Solar PV system is that there are no greenhouse gasses produced and for each KWp produced would save 455kg of carbon dioxide emission per year.

Solar PV Panel can come in a variety of shapes and colours from Solar PV Panels. The transparent cells are connected to the national grid or a battery bank. But it is proven that Solar PV Systems will reduce energy of the building Solar PV is installed considerably.

The amount of electricity produced for the Solar PV modules will depend on the size of the Solar PV System installed. PV modules are rated in Kw peak and it is estimated that the average household could consume 3300 KWh yearly. The average 2KWp Solar PV System could supply up to 50% of you electricity annually, and it is possible to have more careful control of your energy use.

It is also recommended that before installing a Solar PV System, the individual should look into reducing their energy consumption where possible, low energy light bulbs, and kitchen appliance as it is easier to produce one.