Super Homes Scheme

The Super Homes scheme is proving to be  an extremely successful project. People from all over the country have been enquiring about the possibility of future proofing their homes by making them more energy efficient. The works on this this year’s scheme commenced in July. A very large number of enquiries have been received , a significant number of projects  have commenced &  been completed to date.

One of Sola’s projects under the scheme was an extremely large building built in 1890’s situated in Templemore. This building is circa. 6000sq.ft. and consists of an old section and a newer section. This building was so large that to meet the total heat load for the premises, 3 air to water heat pumps totaling 40kW were required. As with all these projects on the scheme, there are 3 compulsory elements which must be undertaken to satisfy the criteria of the scheme:

  • The installation of an air to water heat pump
  • The installation of a demand controlled ventilation system (DCV)
  • Airtightness measures to ensure a max air permeability of 5 air changes per hour

These three requirements were completed along with the addition of  new low temperature aluminum radiators where required.  Also 4kW of a photovoltaic (PV) system was installed to help offset the running costs of the three heat pumps. On completion of the works at this premises, a significant energy upgrade has been achieved and this home will be a lot more sustainable going forward. Heat Pumps in Situ.