SuperHome Grant Scheme for 2017

Another successful year for the Super Homes Scheme. This project is growing every year and our clients are seeing outstanding results. This year alone Sola Energy Solutions were involved in 20 projects under the Super Homes Scheme which was nearly twice as many than 2016. Our works under the scheme have made the homes far more efficient and healthier. After doing a cost analysis on our clients from the years 2016/2017 we found the average saving on heating their homes was €1000 with one client saying “Not only are we saving money on heating but our lives have been changed. It was a fantastic job.”

The interest in the SuperHome scheme has been huge over the past 2 years and because of the scheme is only open for a number of months every year, unfortunately some people missed out this year, but we have received good news in the last week that the scheme is open from January to October in 2018. Already a significant number of enquiries have been made about the 2018 Super Home Scheme.

Super Homes Information (Click Here)

2018 will be the fourth year of the SuperHomes project, we are delighted to announce that we are already processing applications for 2018.

Sola Energy Solutions give homeowners the opportunity to retrofit their house to an A3 Building Energy Rating standard (BER) with up to 50% of the overall cost covered under the scheme.

The average net investment by the homeowner in the pilot project was €18,000.

Homeowners benefit by;

  • financial savings of up to €1500 per annum on energy usage
  • living in a more comfortable healthier house with better air quality

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