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Super Homes Case Study

Ireland has been on board a scheme called Near Zero energy Building (NZEB) retrofit. This resulted in the SuperHomes Project.

Watch: How Sola Transformed this House into a Super Home

Case Study – 1960’s Cottage

Project Description: A three bedroom bungalow with a high energy rating. The home was losing a-lot of unnecessary energy due to a lack of air tightness so the Sola team suggested a number of measures to improve the efficiency of the home;

  • Replacement of all windows and doors
  • Retrofits to improve air tightness
  • Installation of demand controlled ventilation
  • Replacement of the oil-fired boiler with an air source heat pump
  • External Insulation

These were the minimum number of upgrades suggested.

Pre Works– BER Rating: G

Post Works– BER Rating: A3

The above video shows the works involved to upgrade this home from a G rating to an A3 rating.


Works carried out included:

  • PVC Windows and Doors
  • 100mm Platnium EPS External Insulation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Floor Insulation
  • Demand Control Ventilation
  • Air Tightness
  • Solar PV
  • Air Source Heat Pump
  • Wood burning Stove
  • Sola also provided additional meters to keep track of the energy usage.

This retrofit has made this home far more efficient and healthier. Heating can be one of the homes biggest expense and effective insulation can reduce heat losses of up to 90%.

Not only has this retrofit provided savings but it also has provided a comfortable environment within the home.

The works completed resulted in the home improving its energy efficiency while decreasing the energy demand. Energy efficiency retrofits can reduce the operational costs, particularly in older buildings, as well as help to attract tenants and gain a market edge.


To give homeowners the opportunity to retrofit their house to an ‘A’ energy-rating standard.

The ‘SEAI’ (Sustainable energy Authority Ireland) suggests that an estimated €35 billion over 35 years will be required to make the remainder of the existing housing stock low carbon by 2050.

The SuperHomes Project allows us to facilitate our clients in the best cost effective way possible.

Our aim is to eliminate fossil fuels in the domestic sector by using an air source heat pump to do so. The main aims of our projects are:

  • To achieve a minimum of a A3 rating on average
  • Supply renewable electricity to the domestic sector with full use on-site
  • Supply renewable heat to all houses
  • Provide heat pumps versus oil for heating

Eligible Works:

  • SuperHomes Ireland is open to houses built pre 2006
  • Renewable Heating – Air Source Heat pump
  • Advanced ventilation (heat recovery or demand controlled ventilation)
  • Air Tightness
  • Cavity wall, attic, flat roof and external wall insulation
  • External Insulation
  • Windows or energy saving glazing replacement
  • Renewable Stove
  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems

Sample of  SOLA – Energy Efficiency Upgrade Works:

House A: Completed Upgrade Works – Air to Water Heat Pump/ DCV /External & Attic Insulation/ Windows & Doors 

  • Underfloor Heating

House B: Completed Upgrade Works – Air to Water Heat Pump/ DCV /External & Attic Insulation/ Windows & Doors 

House C: Completed Upgrade Works – Air to Water Heat Pump/ DCV /External & Attic Insulation/ Windows & Doors 

  • Before
  • After
  • image00129

House D: Completed Upgrade Works – Air to Water Heat Pump/ DCV /External & Attic Insulation/ Windows & Doors 

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